8 October 2009

some vintage clothes & shop display...

we didn't find much in the market this week in terms of work related items, but i did manage to find myself some nice stuff...like this bit of 1920s underwear...ooh lala...

so I might look like a Laaayydy one day!
and I'm into capes at the moment, peculiar maybe? I don't care...I think its cool!

we did find this lump of coral rather attractive for our shop though...I thought "I could take photos of our jewellery on that!"...

...and so I did.

some other new display in our workshop. I am amazed every autumn by the silky velvety lining of these chestnut wrappers...what luxury they get eh?

you cant buy a modern ring box with that level of luxury inside for all the money in the world, its all synthetic nonsense these days! (maybe not that attractive on the outside though, would you mind being presented with a small hedgehog?)

...and do you remember the Victorian display case we found in the market? It makes our wedding rings look great! Hey, they are great! but now they look tres chic...
sorry for the crappy picture, it was a bit dark in the workshop...it looks much better in real life!


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog! Love the chestnut-wrappered rings & the slip hanging in the doorway - and I'm with you on the capes - they seem like an especially good idea this Autumn!

  2. I love your style and though it differs greatly from my own it inspires me. Thank You for sharing!

  3. Can't believe how amazing your rings look inside those conkers!

  4. I LOVE that cape. I would wear it with a jacket of brown cord or velvet, or with jeans, a band t-shirt and chunky pearls. I may have to knit myself one!

    I would be quite happy to recive a ring in one of those little conker wrappers! It would show some thought on the givers part I think!

  5. Lovely finds and photos. The cape's gorgeous - very "in" over here in France (not that I follow fashion, I mix old and new as I like) - and what a great idea for your rings!

  6. You're very clever Artemis - I'm loving the chestnut husk display, simply perfect for Autumn!

  7. Marvelous blog and shop - I'm so happy to have found both of them!

  8. How adorable are the sweet chestnut ring cases?!

  9. The chestnut cases with rings work wonderfully! Inspired!