1 October 2009

marketus maximus

So, here are most of the things from the market this week.
I love these books, my Grandma had a few and I always admire them...we bought about 30 of these!
They are all beautiful colours and the writing on the covers are all different. One day when I have enough wall space, i want to frame some of them!

We spent a lot more than usual...we bought some fixtures and fittings for the new Tokyo ladies/wedding jewellery shop, like this chandelier (needs a bit of work but its all there!) which wasn't cheap but will look great.

more books!

a funny headscarf and some old unworn leather clog liners, lovely French dealer gave them to me for free! (I think he knows Nao but I cant speak French so I'm guessing!).

a lovely deep purple Haori.

French Trilby hats.

I always wanted one of these, but they are always too expensive, luckily I got this one for a great price and it also plays my favourite tune, Lara's Theme from Doctor Zhivago. The little bird swings about when its playing...cute huh?


This little fella is also for the wedding shop, just puuurfect with rings on his plate!
I bought the cushion at the market too, I love the green colour in it.

most expensive, but just right for the shop, a very fine Victorian display cabinet with mirrored back.

more expensive fixtures...four brass wall lights, all with vintage fittings, very nice for the shop too!

a giant clam for the shop.

and a very spherical Robin for Crimbo!
Goodness, its a lot actually! we also bought some silver jewellery bits and bobs, ands some vintage ring boxes...all destined for Tokyo.


  1. golly gosh, what a haul! was it in France per chance? all terribly exciting nevertheless. my favourite thing is the bird cage. it's a beauty.

  2. The book covers are beautiful and I totally agree with you about having some of them framed. They will look wonderful. Great finds!

  3. That display cabinet is wonderful! You can just imagine a hundred years of it's posh contents!

  4. What gorgeous finds! Especially love the chandelier and the display cabinet.

  5. Stunning finds, I especially like the books and there are some really fascinating titles by some eminent authors.
    I don’t know if you are aware that Geoffrey Grigson is the father of Sophie Grigson the cookery writer & presenter. They have just republished his 'The Shell Country Alphabet' which sports a delightful book cover!

  6. i have literally just stumbled across you this afternoon and i'm *very* excited!

    i come from new zealand and have been living in london for 2 years now. one thing i really miss from home is the fabulous junk shops and i'm still not sure where in london to find the best markets. all these treasures here, were they found in a market in london? i would dearly love your insight into which are the best places to go for good junk & cheap vintage finds!