16 October 2009

latest projects...

So, here are a few more things i just made for the Tokyo re-launch.
The rings are designed so that you can chose which one's to wear together, I think they look nicer just two at a time though? And, another tiny house! this one has a golfer inside...I don't get it? But its lovely anyway...I put it with one of the Peach Moonstones I mentioned in my last post.
Sigh...getting there!


  1. Love the little house... but a golfer inside... that is random?! Rings are very pretty too :)

  2. im loving the pearly bits... bunny was gorgeous and so are these "daisies" :-)
    ps. Artemis, golfers too need homes...

  3. I love your designs!

  4. I love the rings, amazing work!