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15 October 2009

Bits and bobs.
I'm trying to put together a ladies collection for the RUST Tokyo shop re-launch in about a months time. Progress is slow! I haven't even soldered these necklaces yet! They are made from vintage things, on really fine gold chain with, wait for this... Peach Moonstone, Cognac Quartz and Fire Opal...amazing names don't you think? I have made some other stuff but it's in the barrel so I can't show you them yet. (Barrel is like a jewellery washing machine! by the way)

Finding space to work in the workshop is hard work.
...that sounds like a Haiku?!

I have also been taking photos of some of the customer orders that are on their way to Japan. Customers go to the Tokyo shop, see something they like, then chose options like different metals, size, engraving and stones etc... then their order is sent by email to Eiko in our London office, and she amazingly, makes sure everyone gets exactly what they ordered and when they ordered it for! She is worth her weight in gold or actually, platinum!

These are a few of the things she has organised the making of this week. We dispatch to Tokyo once a week, about 35 items! Amazing job she does don't you think?!

The above rings are set with Blue Sapphire and tiny Ruby and engraved by hand, a personal message in two different fonts: Old English & Script. They have hallmarks on the outside too, they represent the crown stamp for gold, and the UK Common Control mark (how much pure gold is in the metal either 9ct or 18ct) with the date and makers marks on the inside. You can read more about our wedding rings here.

I have also been adding to my vintage clothes collection. Oh no, not more surely!!! YES!
I just won this satin jacket on ebay for a whooping £7.99, it's like theft?
It's all hand stitched and I love the shape too. It is a shade of pink, but its the kind of pink that you can get away with not being too girly.
I hope to get back to my weaving and making things this weekend, last weekend i had a dull lingering hangover from just two and half pints of British larger!
I must surely be getting old, uh oh.

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