6 October 2009


As I have mentioned before, I'm very fond of all things Japanese (since acquiring Japanese boyfriend) especially textiles.
I have just received through the post today, a jacket called Hippari which means like what field workers and such wear. Before, I liked wearing my Haori (jacket you wear over kimono) with jeans and flip flops...this I feel, is as far a British person should go with such attire (unless its a 1920s dressing gown, that's a different story). They are usually brightly patterned silk or rayon which looks and feels nice for the summer. But now I discovered this new jacket, which is made of wool, and I'm all excitement. Perfect for someone like me! (odd I mean).

I now look just like one of the girls working in the Japanese restaurant down the road! (but not really, cause I got fair hair innit...).

{photo from here}
I very like what these girls are wearing (looks like 1980s right?) just to show that us blond westerners can look cool wearing some Japanese clothes.
I'd like to point out that, my fondness for Japanese clothes is mirrored by my other half, who likes: Fair isle tank tops, leather satchels and herringbone tweed. For some reason though, Japanese people look good in anything, and manage to make old British Fogey clothes look Uber cool and effortless.
What a funny couple we make, I hope we turn heads walking down the street in our Japenglish outfits!


  1. you look lovely! and i'd love to see Nao in his tweedy get-up! you must make a handsome pair.

  2. Aww that is so adorable !
    I have a question to ask, i'm a second year retail buyer at uni and was wondering if you let students do work experience at your company?

  3. Hi Leanne, thanks for your comment! we used to take some work experience people, but we have since become a bit too busy to organise things for them to do! I will keep my ears & eyes peeled for anything useful in the industry for you though! many thanks!

  4. I agree with Nath, let's see a pic of both of you! I love your jacket, it looks excellent.

  5. I bet you two are the cutest couple in your town :)

  6. Wow that's so nice of you! thank you so much i'd really appreciate it :)

  7. Methinks you'd look good in anything! How d'you do it? Best wishes from a square country bumpkin!

  8. ahh thanks for all your lovely comments! not sure about handsome...more like 'interesting' but not in a good way! I'll try and put a photo of Nao one day if he'll let me!