26 October 2009

i made a...


my first ever warm thing I made on my sewing machine!

in Japanese wool, with Liberty print covered buttons, and...

a cotton lining! and...

side pockets, lined with black cotton velvet!
I made this yesterday, in a sudden fit of creative energy (probably because the clocks went back!).
I had a Japanese Hippari Kimono style jacket which was way to big for me, so I was going to just make it a bit smaller, but i ended up cutting it up completely and starting again!

Here I had already cut away about 30% of the kimono...I wasn't sure at this stage what I was doing! I had a very small area to work in our troll-sized living room.

I had to put my sewing machine on the coffee table (actually its an old steam trunk!) I got such bad back ache today : (

...then once sewn the body and arm seams, I pinned it to my mannequin to come up with a design, tacking together with pins where I am going to take it in or adjust the length etc...

It ended up looking like this! I made the sleeves gathered slightly using ribbons, and the back hem is slightly longer (rounded shape) to the front to give an interesting shape a bit.

And of course the first use of one of my labels! Exciting! I'm actually dead chuffed with myself that it all seemed to come together without too many hiccups! I wore it to work today, and its quite warm considering its light weight...I think having a lining, even though its just thin cotton, really helps to trap in the warmth.

I love sewing! (when it turns out right that is)


  1. that's absolutely fantastic! well done looks brilliant :) and the label is perfect!
    my uni living room is small too so i know how it feels to be working in a small space! well done on that too aha :) ox

  2. it's brilliant. glad to know I am not the only one with space challenges. ;)

  3. Oh oh oh...soooo beautiful. You clever, clever thing! x

  4. Gosh this is so impressive! I could never do that - from one thing to something completely different and it really looks lovely!

  5. This is just about the best thing, EVER! It is so lovely it truly is. I loved seeing it come together.

  6. HOLy CoW!!! Amazing work.. LINING?? My mouth is hanging open... Congrats! It looks so great on you!!

  7. I love this!! I want one :) I am quite impressed with your work! have fun wearing it and showing it off!

  8. Wow! I'm very much in awe. And not a pattern in sight!

  9. Ah jeez- there you go again with your effortless creativity! As always- so impressed! well done!

    (also- thank you for your lovely comment on my blog the other week- it really meant a lot that you like my blog!)

  10. I love it! Isn't sewing so much fun?! As a beginner, I'm fascinated all the time with what that amazing machine can do. I just made buttonholes this week for the first time and wanted to buttonhole everything. That seems to happen every time I learn something new, no matter how simple. If you make a suit jacket bag, be sure to post pictures.

  11. I've been thinking of your cramped legs under that table all day. hope your back has uncrinked.

  12. Wow, you clever thing! I do similar things with dresses - I bought some enormous, cheap vintage dresses from Paris in March and took them apart, then re-sewed them to fit. So much fun :-)

  13. How fun to see the pics from beginning to end plus have a little visit in your livingroom with your sewing machine. The best time!
    xo, Candylei