24 September 2009

what we retrieved from the flea market...

Oh Lordy, what a beautiful day it is here in London! Perfect weather for the market.
We found many delights...like these bits of Japanese craftsmanship! (joke) but cute no?

Some, sad but beautiful display for our forthcoming ladies shop in Tokyo.

A lovely old jacket for Moi...

A metal rose, also for the shop display.

a much needed salad bowl, and little bowl set, for our flat.

A crumbly leather bag, with...

These fabulous Art Deco scissors inside! and...

...all of this stuff too! Bargain ; )

This clock doesn't work, but for a couple of squid, it will look great in the shop me thinks!

It wouldn't be a shop without one of these now would it? "Baaaasiiillllll!"

And lastly, an oil painting for our flat. It's of somewhere in Yorkshire (as it says on the back!). I love it. I literally have not a single bean to my name this month, its shameful but I can never let a bargain go! Oh dear.
I'm also working on a new project for our jewellery shop, it involves more Liberty's fabric...they are not quite finished yet, but all shall be revealed tomorrow!


  1. Amazing finds!! I LOVE that scissors and I have several little clocks that don't work but were too nice to pass up too. Love the Fawlty Towers bell too :-) Now you've made me itch to go to a market, there's one on this weekend, wonder how I can scam my way into going!

  2. I think I really missed out yesterday! The weather was amazing wasn't it? Looks like today will be the same :)

  3. Oh where do you find such treats. As a London girl I really need to know!!

  4. I love the painting!

  5. That painting is fab, what great finds!

  6. The little iron-on critters are so adorable... :)

  7. I always love seeing what flea market finds you buy/use for store displays, it gives me ideas on how to organize my collections at home. :)

  8. Did you find those iron on transfers at Spitalfields by any chance? In fact last Thursday? If so I reckon they were the same box I picked up and rummaged through too...I think I'm becoming a Junkaholic!

  9. Ha Yes! Nao frowned at me when I bought a couple!