22 September 2009

what we did...

...last weekend!
A festival of all things Japanese, in Spitalfields market area. So many people, especially half japanese/british for some reason!

This little girl looks amazing in a kimono (I suspect she has a japanese parent?)

Beautiful bow!

I love kimonos, they are in my opinion, the best piece of clothing in the world! I wanted to buy one, but I already have quite a few, I like wearing Haori as a jacket with jeans, British styley! Hope Japanese people don't mind ;)

A little gathering at our Friend Katie's shop 'Shelf'. Its packed with beautiful handmade treasures and tiny paintings.

Very nice bunting indeed!

'Pop-Up Market' in an old Brick Lane brewery.

I didn't want to look too much as I am skint as skint can be this month (spent all my money in Liberty's haberdashery!).

Lovely goats cheese quiche and salad and a big mug of tea, in my favourite old Market Coffee House.

Well, I did do a few other things, like weaving and such, but I came down with a serious bout of laziness too. Unfortunately, i can't get away with it as easily as Plimsoll can!


  1. What great pics... looks like it was such a lovely day. Totally agree with you on kimonos – I have a vintage one from our Japan trip that I love wearing round the house. So much more glam than my old dressing gown! ;)

  2. I love your blog but posting the following "I like wearing Haori as a jacket with jeans, British styley! Hope Japanese people don't mind ;)" endeared you and it to me more. Some many times people outside a culture who enjoy, admire, collect and use items and clothings from that culture don't find it necessary to undestand the ritual and traditions of culture they admire. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wowww how did you find out about the japanese festival?! i love spitalfields on a normal day let alone with something like this going on!
    is your friends shop down cheshire street?
    lovely pictures ox

  4. Thanks Simone! Yes I love Japanese fabrics and clothes...it was lovely to see Japanese ladies showing little British kids how to wear a kimono, they were all really excitied to try one on!

    Leanne, yes our friend shop is on Cheshire street, definatley worth a trip!