what we did...

22 September 2009

...last weekend!
A festival of all things Japanese, in Spitalfields market area. So many people, especially half japanese/british for some reason!

This little girl looks amazing in a kimono (I suspect she has a japanese parent?)

Beautiful bow!

I love kimonos, they are in my opinion, the best piece of clothing in the world! I wanted to buy one, but I already have quite a few, I like wearing Haori as a jacket with jeans, British styley! Hope Japanese people don't mind ;)

A little gathering at our Friend Katie's shop 'Shelf'. Its packed with beautiful handmade treasures and tiny paintings.

Very nice bunting indeed!

'Pop-Up Market' in an old Brick Lane brewery.

I didn't want to look too much as I am skint as skint can be this month (spent all my money in Liberty's haberdashery!).

Lovely goats cheese quiche and salad and a big mug of tea, in my favourite old Market Coffee House.

Well, I did do a few other things, like weaving and such, but I came down with a serious bout of laziness too. Unfortunately, i can't get away with it as easily as Plimsoll can!

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