25 September 2009

wedding ring cushions

Completed! You might be thinking 'what the **** is a wedding ring cushion?', that's what I thought anyway. I put my stupidity down to the fact that I have never been to a wedding. Having said that, we run a business making handmade wedding rings, so after discovering the array of naffness of all things wedding related during a google image search, I thought, we can do better than that!!

So, to match our Rust style, we decided to use Liberty print fabric, combined with cream Dupion silk and cotton ribbons. I love the colours of the fabrics, I hope they go down well with our customers (who are generally more into the individual wedding style if you get my drift?).

The wedding rings tie on like thus, so they are unable to fall off, and ping along down the aisle and get eaten by a dog or small child, or whatever.

As I have mentioned about a THOUSAND times, my sewing machine is unwell at the moment (waiting for a new part in post but of course post office are on strike) so I used the work one for the first time, and its not bad actually!

So now I have to make some more! They will be sent over for the transformation of our Tokyo shop, I can't wait to see it all come together!


  1. Thank you so much for letting us see these beautiful wedding ring cushions, they absolutely exquisite & with the wedding rings attached!
    I am sure they will be a huge success…!

  2. Artemis- i feel like i leave the same comment on every post but I LOVE THEM! so talented! they look tip top professionals, im sure they will go down so well!

  3. well, a wedding ring cushion - the clue is in the name! ha! yes, i agree with Joanna and Hannah, they're absolutely beautiful and unique and fancy. well done!

  4. your ring cushions actually brought me round to the idea of ring cushions in general, tey are so cute!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous.. I love the fabric, and they're so indivisual yet classy :)

  6. They are most beautiful and I'm sure they'll be a big hit with your customers.

  7. Oh these are lovely. You could put herbs inside so that after the wedding the bride could put them in her draws to make her jumpers smell nice! x

  8. Lovely ring cushions1
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