23 September 2009

more about weaving...

I have been working on a weaving project which must remain a secret for the time being. However, I am addicted to taking pictures of my loom. I can't get over how simple yet extremely complicated it is! Me and my loom have a love/hate relationship, to dress the loom(put wool on it) is basically like re-stringing a piano every time you want to make something. Blimey!

Each single thread is passed through these wires and tied at the other end. Then you have to reel it up without it all getting tangled up!

After that you have to get the tension of all the strands even, and imagine after doing all that, then one snaps! Then I think 'whats the point in bloody weaving anyway, its stupid!!'

But, when I get going, I love it and I love the noise of the loom and the smell of the wood and wool, and when you finish weaving, its soo exciting to unravel all the cloth, revealing all that I had done in the weeks before. Wow! I advise everyone to give it a go.
By-the-way, my loom is a large old table loom (made in London), and I paid about £50 for it on Ebay (I have got two little ones I used to use too). I use Scottish 2ply tweed wool and bits of silk.
I'm thinking to start making small items out of my woven fabric to sell in my shop soon...I will keep you's all posted!


  1. gosh, i'll say it again, you are a clever one. this all looks very exciting, i shall look forward to the secret being revealed. and how nice to have a sunny spot for weaving!

  2. yeah, warping upa loom is 8bitch8 isn't it :) my OH hates helping my do that, although he's got very goo at knowing all the proper names for various parts of my loom now :) I do love watching the finished piece come off the loom though

  3. I can't tell you how much I love all the things you have made on your loom. They are so beautiful, I always drag H to the computer to have a little peek.

  4. I've been thinking of trying my hand at weaving, seeing as we are moving to a bigger flat and i'll finally have some space! i have had a look on ebay - i was wondering would you recommend starting with a smaller loom and then moving up once i get the hang of it, or can i go straight for a table loom?

  5. A freshly tuned piano sounds absolutely divine. I must admit, however, I hate being at home when the piano is being tuned.........

  6. Ray B, Yes I think a table loom is fine, the big one I use now is basically the same as the one I started on but bigger so I can weave wider or narrow things (like scarves and blankets). I advise a 4 heddle loom, so that you can do patterns, and not get bored! Floor looms are great if you are super serious, but they are usually more expensive, or massive!