massive market!

2 September 2009

Another market! We left the house around 4.30am and headed down to Sussex for the big antiques fair.

Some friends of ours are over here from Japan buying furniture to sell in their shop in Tokyo. We are also thinking to buy some furniture for our future second shop (still a pipe dream at the moment!). We need, chairs, a low table, cabinets, fabric and any other interesting interior things!

We thought this may be a tad over the limits of my upholstery skills!

But we did buy this little sofa! Its much smaller in the flesh, but our customers will be Japanese, who mostly have tiny bums (so I've noticed). I'm thinking a new paint/wood stain job and new covers for this one.

I regret not buying these chicken pictures, I love'm!

Nao is collecting satchels for him to repair and spend ages oiling, I don't get it?!

Some little display items for our jewellery.

This is a kiddies bike basket, really small, hopefully will fit my mini Moulton bike.

More display for the shop, unused perfume bottles.

And tons of this china going too cheap to walk away, there is a whole tea set minus the tea pot.

I bought two silk slips in perfect condition.

After realising that we didn't actually buy as much as we thought we would, we decided to make the most of the day and visit Hever Castle which is quite near by the market.

Apparently, this was owned by Anne Boleyn, then, when she married Henry VIIIth, he chopped her head off then gave this casle to his forth wife. What a Gentleman he was.

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