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12 September 2009

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We have decided to either change the interior of our RUST jewellery shop in Tokyo or open another shop. As we are doing well selling wedding rings, we want to focus on that and make it a nicer place to sit down and choose the right ring to wear for the rest of your life!

(this is how our Tokyo shop looks now)

Its quite a huge project as you can imagine, but to start with Nao has been off to the markets of Paris and Belgium, to hunt down some nice artefacts for the 'new look' RUST shop! I couldn't go as I have to stay and look after the London shop :( ,but one day I would love to see the Belgian markets I've heard so much about!

I love the details of all the furniture he bought, some will need a lick of paint or upholstery, as the main scheme will be black, cream and gold in a kind of Georgian style.

These large items are being shipped from Belgium directly to Tokyo, so sadly I won't see them for a while... but here are a few of the small items that Nao bought back with him to London...

These watchmaker's draws are actually from London, but I love the paint job Nao recently did on them! They'll look great with our jewellery inside.

I'll keep you all posted how things progress with the new shop...EXCITING!

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