Green London!

29 September 2009

It was market first thing this morning (I'll show you what we found in my next post) and as we hire a Street Car for the day, we usually try and make the most of having a car.

So after the market, we had lunch at Petersham Nurseries, which is an amazing place in South West London (near Richmond), if you haven't already been there then I hope you can one day!

Its not just plants and Wellies, there is a lovely cafe in the greenhouses, restaurant and a great shop for all luxury planty stuff.

They sell junk too (excuse me, antiques) for horrendous amounts of money, but somehow I don't think they are in a rush to sell them! We had lunch there... and then we went to...

Ham House. Also highly recommended. Amazing interiors and set on the river Thames, bootiful! We had a Cream Tea.

There are many Parakeets living around London, apparently they escaped from a green house in Kew Gardens (or something like that!)about 50 years ago and have lived happily in their new environment ever since...we saw (and heard!) loads of them today in the tree tops. Very tropical in South London y'know.

(photo from the Telegraph)

Next I'll post about what we found in the was Marketus Maximus!

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