15 August 2009

plums + painting = cake!

Ah domestic bliss! After a hard week of making jewelleries and such like, its so nice to go home and start doing interesting stuff...

Whilst Nao collects anything wooden he can find in the flat to paint, I decide that it's time to pick the plums off our poor potted plum tree (a.k.a the twig).

They taste quite like plums surprisingly, and I've been dreaming of plum cake lately so that's what I thought I'd try and make.

It actually worked too! I find cooking really traumatic and what comes out is normally a result of luck. I think this must be about the 3rd cake I ever made (not counting ones I made at school!).

I made normal sponge cake mixture (the weight of 2 eggs in butter/sugar/flour...thanks mum!) but used brown sugar instead, put in some natural almond essence, put in tin, cut up plums and place on top then sprinkle on almonds and Bobs your uncle...a peckham plum cake! Cool!

Shhhllllluuuppp! AaaaaaH...

It was sooooo gooey.
I'm excited to see how all the wooden things are going to look after they've been Farrow & Balled!

I might post about them tomorrow...happy Saturday everyone!


  1. It looks delicious. Yum!

  2. The plum cake looks great! I sometimes make one and freeze the leftovers...then have cake for breakfast. (It's not that different from a muffin, right?)


  3. Yes! cake for breakfast, I can't think of anything better!

  4. oo that plum cake looks too yummy for words! cant wait to see the finished painted wooden things too :)

  5. well done :) Looks delicious! ox

  6. I've been baking for years, and your cake looks better than most of mine do! It look very, very edible!

  7. Looks truly yummy - do you think it counts as one of your 5 a day? My boys and their dad made carrot and courgette cake today - absolutely lush - I figure the more you have the better (just ignore cream cheese icing!)

  8. Yeah I don't do plastic pots either - the table looks great by the way, all that work was worth it (Nao definitely deserved that bit of Peckham Plum Cake!) xx

  9. Loving the Peckham Plum Cake!