17 August 2009

painted garden junk (an update)

Well, as I was saying in my last post, Nao took it upon himself to paint all our junky furniture so we can use them in the garden instead of our manky table!

He painted them in Farrow & ball paints, sanded a bit, and the rubbed in a dark Briwax. Now they look amazing!

He sorted out all our garden stuff too and re potted all the plants so that we now have no plastic pots in garden at all...wow!

We bought this chair from a lady down the road who sells junk, for about £4 so that's even cheaper than Ikea! Ha.

Our freshly cleared ally way, I didn't realise the cat in the window when I took this photo, funny lookin!

That plant stand we bought in market is terrific for small London gardens, and my plum tree (twig in the pot) can relax now that all its plums are in my cake!


  1. Nice job! Just one question - how on earth have you still got Strawberries at this time of year?

  2. Lovely lovely colours- really subtle and warm. Your garden is looking great!

    And what a lovely man you have!

  3. Hi Bells! They are Alpine strawberries, which are tiny but I think the produce fruit for ages!
    and...thanks Hannah, yes he's alright! Hope you are feelin better?

  4. Ha! I love the kitty in the window :) Your garden terrace is looking quite lovely ~ nice work!

  5. Your furniture and pots look great! Thanks for your comment about getaways here! Is your workshop open to the public? I saw the pictures online and it looks like it is. Maybe I will come by if you are open. It's really close to where we're staying. I could walk!

  6. Do you guys ever stop? I log on and there is always something wonderful that you have created. The garden is looking beautiful and I love what you have done with the garden furniture.

  7. I love the plant stand and the sound of that plum cake! You have a delightful garden too!

  8. Anonymous4.3.10

    Hello- I know this is a bit late, maybe there is a notice system? Anyway I was wondering where that lady is that sells junk, we live in the area too. And can you recommend any charity shops around Peckham?
    Thanks! Melanie