1 August 2009

- - - - - - - - - a needle case - - - - - - - - - -

I made this yesterday evening...it's a needle case.

I never thought I'd end up spending my Friday evenings making stuff like this, but Nao was mending and waxing his newely found leather satchel so it was actually a nice way to spend an evening (ol' fogeys).

I need a needle case because I lose needles faster than I can buy them, and after seeing sort of nice but really expensive ones in Liberty's, I thought I'd have a go and make one. I used some japanese fabric again, and some vintage linen and an old leather button. I can't find the pinking shears so the edges of the pages will have to stay like this for a while!

Today I upholstered that chair I bought in the market, I'll post them tomorrow as I'm totally nackererd!


  1. I love that needle case!

  2. That is so adorable! =D

  3. I need a needle case too. Right now I have just been poking them through the outside of a little pencil case and they either stick me when I grab for the bag or the needles fall off somewhere and are lost. Yours turned out wonderfully :)

  4. cute blog. I love your jewelry, i am coming up to london on wednesday and would love to come to your shop. Is it appointment only ? Regards Blue x

  5. what a sweet little needle case! i lose needles ridiculously quick too, (and find them later in the couch/carpet/cat) I may need one of these.. (love your reupholstered chair too!)
    x Pepper