market, part two.

27 August 2009

Well, as promised, here are most of the things that came home with us from the market...
We also bought two display cases and some watchmakers set of draws for our shop display.

These funny guys may be popping up in my vintage shop!

A tiny little satchel also for the shop...

and also these... a lovely little coin purse, and bird for hanging on the wall!

These are for us...a never been used, 1930/40s ceramic coffee press, little blanket and pair of curtains, all for under a tenner!

I found another little pear jewellery box for the shop, and a pin cushion for me!

Two dead stock navy canvas French hats, one for me & one for Bucket Tree!

Oh no! another basket! I can't stop finding baskets...and also nice old scarf.

It's a perfect fit! A 1920s silk shirt with tiny pearl buttons down the back (hm hm £5!), for when I'm in a smart mood (not very often I have to say!).

I'm in love! I couldn't resist this amazing exotic dress from the 1940/50s made in Honolulu!
It has incredible triangular sleeves too. I'm not sure where I'm going to wear this, but I'm happy just owning it!

We use these old boxes for displaying our jewellery.

Buttons for Nao's vintage jackets.

This silver mirror is about 7cm long! We thought we could make nice necklaces with these bits.

pencil sketch dated 1820, for £2 I hope it's worth much more one day! (pension)

These printing plates will make lovely display for our jewellery too, I love the font very much!
So, that's the lot! We are actually going to at least one other market next week too, I will try not to buy as much as space is really an issue now in our tiny hovel.
Yay for market!!!

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