market, part one

26 August 2009

I've never been much of a 'morning' person, unless there is of course, a MARKET!
Getting up at 4am is no problem.

We went to a large-ish market out in the Sticks, and luckily escaped the rain! Its mostly outdoor, but with 2 or 3 other indoor sections.

6am and we are let through the gates, as the Sun began to rise.

Even the sellers had not unloaded their vans yet! We were waiting like a lion stalking an antelope in the desert (come on, imagine it!)

...and then swiftly in for the kill.

And what about this cloak! Stunning! But sadly, felt too much like my own cat to want to buy it, wish it was fake, then I would have nabbed it straight away.

After turning our pockets inside out to find our last pennies in the market, we felt it time to leave.
We had to collect Nao's Moulton bicycle from nearby, that he won on ebay (more about this later!), and after that we stopped off in Windsor for food and a much needed nap.
Check out this wonky house! Think I'd feel a bit skew-wiff waking up in there!

Well this boat says it all!
Ah we love the market so much, it's like the very essence of life itself!
I'll show you some of what we squashed into the car, in the next thrilling installment...

Only joking of course, I'm more like elephant than lion! 

I loved these fairground seats...wish I had a massive house to put them in, and what amazing baby cots would these make eh! Got no kids to put in them either, so I had to walk on by, oh hum...

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