31 August 2009

the last of the summer...

Finally got around to hand washing some vintage clothes, some having their first wash in 8o years!

Learning to ride my bike...

In Peckham Rye park!

And yes, I'm not lying this actually is in Peckham!

First use of the new, old coffee press.

And some homemade Blueberry and Almond cake, which I made myself!

Listening to radio 4, and having a nap in afternoon sun...wow, its great being old sometimes!

And, another tomato from our garden, this is the strangest one I've ever seen. I thought it was a plum tomato, but its a bit smaller, very peculiar!

More junk market tomorrow...wonder what I'll come back with this time! BBC say the weather will be quite nice, but can I trust them?
I hope so.


  1. oh gosh that cake is mouth watering! and those clothes hanging to dry are so pretty, the pastel colors so ladylike

  2. that all sounds perfectly lovely. and yes, the cake looks most impressive. i wish the sun had shone a bit more where i was this weekend.

  3. i really like ur blog
    everytime i think about my age (20) i think time passes way too fast!
    but boy ur life is wonderful - i want to live like how you live yours in the future - you make the point of getting older as the day goes by exciting for me

  4. Your pictures are wonderful. That blueberry cake looks outstanding!!! YUM!

  5. I think you could start a separate blog just about your lovely cakes! Yummy! x

  6. A great way of celebrating the last few days of summer...esp. with a nice slice of cake!

  7. ooooh ,I did enjoy revisiting your blog, lovely writing , really get a great sense of giddy enjoyment , (not that I would know ANYTHING about being giddy :)
    thanks for sharing
    favs ...your ice cream coloured vintage under pinings
    the blue butterfly , so beautiful