10 August 2009

a few days off!

We had a mini weekend holiday and went off to the Isle of Wight, and amazingly it didn't rain, how strange? We saw... lots of boats, many rich yachty types, a windmill, a derelict building, collapsing cliffs and warm spongy grass fields, loooovely!

Although I originated from this Island, as I can't drive so many delights had gone a miss, but now I have my own chauffeur (a.k.a other half!) I discovered there is so much more to see that I never knew about.

We really liked the crystal clear water and rocky beach at Seaview , I even went swimming a few times even though it was bloody freezing. I had a serious cold water headache afterwards, but I managed a quick recovery in time for diner on my mum's balcony on t'other side of the Island...

Whale Chine beach was amazing too (and empty) it was a mission to get to though, the steps fell into the sea so you have to kind of ab-sail down the cliff using a rope.

but once down there, you get this...

...all to yourself! (except for woman with dog).

I wish I was rich so that I could mooch around in the sun all day drinking chilled wine and watching the boats go by and such like...one day eh!

So back to work & reality today, sigh...oh hum...


  1. Beautiful photos! One of the places I wish I'd visited before we moved to Oz. Oh God and a word of advice! Learn to drive! I've never learnt and suddenly I'm 35 with 3 kids and STILL can't drive! Going to learn soon, have to!

  2. oh, that looks heavenly! how nice. i have never been to your Isle and now i really want to. and Artemis, we are so similar, i can hardly believe it! (whisper) i can't drive either!

  3. Ooooo I want to go there too. It looks like somewhere in Europe rather than off dear old England. x

  4. Its lovely to see a fellow Isle of Whiten taking pleasure in the clear waters and empty beaches of such a stunningly beautiful place (well I am a little bias when it comes to IOW)
    I had a very auspicious childhood growing up in Freshwater & Totland, how I miss hearing the crashing waves at Freshwater Bay and the feel of the golden sands of Totland.
    Thank you for sharing your charming photos!

  5. Looks like you had a lovely time! I haven't been to the Isle of Wight since I was a child which, given my husband is from West Sussex, is a crime really. I think you have inspired me to plan a visit. Believe it or not I am another non-driver (although lessons are imminent) so would also need to get my husband to chauffeur me :)

    Your Mum's balcony looks beautiful by the way - what a lovely place to spend a Summer evening!

  6. Gorgeousness! I'd love to visit the Isle of Wight. I'm in Sussex and have been coming here for years before moving and really should go! Your mum's balcony looks like something out of a magazine! And also I really like the way you curve the edges of the photos - how do you do that?!

  7. Your pictures are beautiful! We're thinking of taking a few weekend trips when we go to London. Maybe we'll go here.

  8. Some of your IOW pics look like they've been taken from the Talented Mr Ripley film, you know a bit mediterranean. Your mum's place looks really cool too - see good vintage taste runs in the family! xx

  9. I was also just on an island- but it was jersey. And yes i was also so surprised by the sun! your hols look lovely- and your mums dinner?! It looks like a magazine shoot!

  10. Your photograpy is stunning, so well frames, and yet so natural!

    I love the Isle of Wight, I an jealous that you were there! It looks like it was full of fun!

  11. Such gorgeous photos, love the curved edges - how do you do that?