23 July 2009

what we found in the market...

So as promised...here are some of the things we bought at the market (we also bought some jewellery bits, a rocking chair and a wooden arm chair for re-upholstery).

I love this square tin with glass front, very usefull me thinks!

A Chad Valley tin globe and acorn salt & pepper pots, for the bucket tree vintage shop...

More baskets! the bottom one is a sewing box with silky lining!

Some colourful tins.

New cups and plates for our flat...we are going for blue & white theme this time!

Vintage haberdashery items (from the stall in the photo, in the last post).

An amazing pot stand in my favorite rusty blue colour, we thought this would be great in the garden but would also make a nice shoe rack in the flat too.

Usefull tubs for planting trees in.

And...presenting...my first vehicle!!!

I can't ride a bike (its a long story involving older brothers and a bush of stinging nettles) but I hope to learn on this one as it's a kids bike so I can actually touch the floor with my feet...so I shouldn't fall off it right?

For you bike nerds out there, this is a 1970 'Triang' Moulton Mini made in Great Britain! (check out this website!)Quite collectable so Nao says (I haven't a clue but I love it anyway).

It needs a bit of TLC and some new tyres, then I'm off! (around the park).

Almost forgot...a knitted hat, by the same old lady that knitted those clothes hangers in the first photo. I'll wear it whist riding my bike pretending I'm in some French film!


  1. OMG what a super hoard! You really have an eye for the good stuff! x

  2. You scored some really neat loot! I'm interested in the acorn S&P shakers. Are they still available?

  3. ah! just as good as i had hoped. quite a haul there Miss A! the bike is cool!

  4. Aw it's all wonderful, especially the knitted clothes hangers!

  5. Also loving the knitted coat hangers, may try that at home!

  6. Wow, what a great haul. Where was the market? If you don't mind sharing...

  7. Ardingly Antique Fair! There are a few a year...google browse to find out the next one :)

  8. I love those acorns, they are super cute. I have been fighting the urge to go bargain hunting, but after reading this i feel my resistence slipping away. Bring on the car boot!

  9. Daniela25.7.09

    love the bike! will be looking out for you in the neighbourhood :) i was wondering which markets you normally go to?

  10. Wow!! Amazing finds!

  11. I think it is a good thing we don't live closer - I might have had to wrestle you for all these items. hehe! I love your finds.
    I have a collection of the crochet hangers myself.

  12. Wow what great finds! I love seeing them all.

  13. I love your growing tin collection (I also collect tins) and your bike is quite fun, I recently bought a '60s Schwinn and need to work up the nerve to ride it around the streets of Chicago.

  14. Oh, what a super hoard! Love it!

  15. I passed my cycling test on one of those bikes a Triang 1970 :)



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