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25 July 2009

What a lovely weekend I'm having so far! The first glimpse of sun after all that rain...can you believe this rubbish summer yet again?! bloody 'ell.
Anyway, Me & Nao have been busy in the garden, giving our latest finds some much needed TLC...

...after a nice soapy bath, my bike looked like this...

I also did some rust removal and tightened up some loose bolts etc. New tyres are in the post, then I can actually ride it! I feel a bit stupid doing all the work to a bike that I don't know how to ride yet.
Check out my fishing basket, now bicycle basket!...

I mentioned in my last post, that we bought some chairs, well here they are...

A rocking chair for Nao(he's thinking to paint it!)

The one below is very old I think, but I love the shape, and it looks a bit oriental? The seller said it was an arts & crafts piece. Possible maybe?

There are some great details, like the carving on the ends of the arms, its quite worn but I like it! There was also tons of woodworm : (

But, I killed all the worms, glued back the arm and gave it some dark wax and now it looks great!
All ready for my next upholstering project. I'm thinking to go to Liberty's tomorrow and buy a nice bit of fabric for it, exciting!!!

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