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12 July 2009

(these are bags, not cushions...which they look like here!!!)

A rather long post today...sorry about that! I've been up to all kinds of domesticated wholesomeness...

On saturday I made some zip-up bags using those vintage metal zips I mentioned a couple of posts back. I scavenged some nice japanese fabric from Nao's scarf collection which I thought looked very fetching.

I'd never actually sewn in a zip before and wasn't quite sure how to do it...but by the second one I realised a much neater and easier way...duh!

They have different fabric on the back, and are lined in cotton. I wanted to make more today, but my sewing machine broke down again and this time I think its serious! So that puts the end to my sewing for awhile.

The top fabric is meant to be japanese umbrellas and the bottom pattern is meant to be like baskets or fishing nets!

After tinkering with my sewing machine for a good hour or so, I had achieved a fantastic headache, and so decided to take some photies of the lovely sunny day coming into the living room instead...

Everything that we don't know where to put...ends up in these suitcases.

The beautiful light drew me outside, so I took my camera into the garden to sniff the crispy Peckham air...and the funny looking roses!

WOOOAAHHHH! What's THAT!!! Some embrionic tomatoes had escaped my hourly could this happen? I've been disapointed every morning to discover no tomatoes had appeared over night, but there they are, hidding from me all that time.

I bought some new canes and gave them some extra support for all the weighty fruits there will soon be dangling from their branches....exciting!

After all that excitement, I made us some proteinous goodness.
Oh my God i need an emergency nap!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!

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