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5 July 2009

I finally started sewing again this weekend, and I made these...(I'm still only a beginner though).

I'm quite proud of these pockets though...never did them before.

This one has a collar and sleeves that roll up kind of...I got the idea from a shirt from Primark!!

The white cotton I bought on Ebay, and the grey shirt cotton is from a charity shop (near where TM Lewin have their workshop...so their off cuts go there and you can buy them for next to nothing!).

That's my Grandma's hat from the 1950s by the way, I love it!

This was the most difficult by far (there are loads of mistakes!), I'm quite pleased with it though and I like the design which I made up as I went along! I can't be bothered with planning and patterns, that's why I'll never be proper sewer even though I have four generations of tailors in my blood...I wonder where it went!!

Thanks for your help, Plimsoll! (she made sure there were no mice under the fabric).

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