old dress & new shoes

1 July 2009

yet more new shoes!
they are nice and soft so don't hurt my feet (that are wider than normal, like chimp feet)
this dress is from 1920s (a present from Nao), it's the first time to wear it as its 33 degrees here in London today! I love the label, I wear it back to front so you can see it. I know its actually underwear, but who cares!
I tried taking some pictures in the mirror of my dress but it didn't work! I like the cloudy reflection though...

that's me!

As I have the camera in the workshop...I thought I'd take a few photos of the things in it that I love...like this hat box from Greenwich market...

...and I also love the insides of old hats...such a shame they are always hidden. This one has papery silk lining with cream leather rim, amazing!

I wish coat hangers still looked like this.

I love these lion bookends too, trying really hard to be scary...they make me laugh every time I look at them!
Well, these were taken in the workshop, its full of old stuff we collected in the last 6 years...it gets smaller every week.

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