22 July 2009

lovely sussex

We just got back from our little holiday in Sussex ( thats South East England for those who aren't from around these parts). It was cold and a bit rainy, but we managed to squeeze out a few sunny moments of British summer! We saw castles, gardens, tiny wooden houses, huge seagulls and windy sand dunes, and of course Market!!!

After getting pooed on by one of said huge seagulls (that was bright green erh), we successfully enjoyed our few days in Hastings and Lewes. Lewes was a lot prettier and we highly recommend it for a visit, loads of lovely antique shops and quaint houses. We saw...

The biggest sunflower I have ever seen, they were way bigger than me! (but thats not hard though is it...)

Lovely meadow flowers...

One of my many dream houses...oh sigh...

A beautiful garden in the grounds of a castle, lovely!

Vintage haberdashery at the antiques market, I could have bought everything here!
I'll post some of the junks that we bought at the market tomorrow...How I love Sussex and markets!!!


  1. cor! that sounds nice. i don't know that part of the country terribly well, but what i have seen i like. can't wait to see your finds!

  2. I don't think I can wait. You always manage to find such treasure! And the photo's are lovely you look very happy in them.

  3. What fab pics! You so have me craving to go on holiday now! Can't wait to see your finds (and be consumed with jealously as always!)

  4. Nicola24.7.09

    Where do you keep it all?! Dusting your flat must be a nightmare!

  5. I have always wanted to go to England...the closest I've come is a short stop at Heathrow. Thanks for the pictures!

  6. Oh Nicola..tut tut! Think positive!