4 June 2009

watchmaker's tool box

These are some of the other items we found today at the market. A watchmakers tool box! Full of unspeakable treasures...Its like a peak into another career! Some useful antique jewellery tools as well which is handy for us! Again, some of these items may be going on our new Etsy vintage shop soon. I'll post a link when its all ready, there will be some delights that I'll find very hard to part with, no doubt they will find good homes...like I read somewhere...we never own antiques, we mearly take care of them for a while!
There is a persons life in this box, so they should be admired and cared for just as much as a painting or a Rolex watch I reckon!


  1. Oh I love love this~how beautiful...my grandfather was a watch maker but he died before I was born...I think about him a lot and wonder if I inherited his 'making' gene. I love the handwriting on the cards too. Will you make jewellery from these?
    I can't wait to see your shop. I am about to launch an Etsy shop too. It's been a lot more work than I thought!

  2. Your Grandfather sounds like a very interesting man, I think theres something a bit mysrerious about watch makers, I dont even know really how a watch works!
    We might make jewellery out of some of the things in the box, but some, like the cards of hands are too good to split up...they'd look fantastic all in a frame i think!

  3. Which market is it? I have to go there.

  4. Hey. I've tagged you ;) Visit my blog for your questions... looking forward to reading your answers x