29 June 2009

a visitor from Japan!

Since last wednesday, we had Nao's sister come all the way from Japan for a first visit to London! I was very intrigued to meet one of his family for the first time...

We showed her all of London (just about) and also Oxford which was suprisingly impressive actually! She must be nackered by now!

Well I had a lovely time kind of also being a tourist as I havent seen so many of the main attractions in all these years. It was great to see the city from a different perspective, rather than just trying to get from A to B as quickly as possible going to work.

She came with many presents (mostly for me!).

Above is me wearing a scarf handwoven by Nao's mum! How fantastic that she too is a weaver! This scarf is absolutly perfect! I love it!!! Such a lovely present to receive a handwoven scarf!!! (Its far better than my ones!)

She also made me this bag, which has little roses sewn on randomly which is lovely, and lined in the same fabric so you can turn it inside out too! Very well made!

...And also, these hand made tea cloths and tea-cup coasters all with japanese printed cottons, Beautiful!!

Nao's sister brought me these, which are a traditional wrapping cloth in Japan. They are so usefull for doing many things with, and I love these patterns especially the goldfish! I also received some bamboo mats for putting your bowls on...very japanese style!

I love all my presents so many many thanks to Kaoru & Naoko XXX

I almost forgot these...

Funny cakes called 'Seagull Eggs'. They look like...

EGGS!!! and they taste amazing, and go suprisingly well with my old favourite...Tetley Tea!

Although I have never seen a seagulls egg? Not easy to find I imagine, up a cliff??

I hope we can have more visitors from Japan : ) I had such a great time!


  1. Wow! Another great scarf. You are surely a very talented bunch. Do you think Nao's sister fancies a trip to Devon? Those presents are so beautiful and very thoughtful. What a lovely guest. Plus loving all your finds. I have become completely addicted to thrifting and I can't stop even though the bungalow is BURSTING.

  2. Your blog reminds me that there are others that are addicted to collecting things that still have potential..thank you for sharing

  3. Artemis I am so happy for you - Nao's family simply love you!:-) - I knew it! It just had to happen that way:-))). We had Yoshi's parent over for whole last week - I miss them now - they are just so wonderful people:-). Kisses. K

  4. What brilliant presents!! Love the goldfish wrapping cloth – and those egg cakes are amazing!! Will so have to look out for those when we go back next year! :)

  5. Thank Kasia, I love your enthusiasm...maybe they are just very polite!! hope to meet them all in October. Glad you had a good time with your folks too!

  6. I've tagged you because I love your blog! If you want to play the game, check out my blogfor details. Fay x

  7. Soooo does Nao now have the scarf that looks like it was made just for him........????????????

  8. Peg, he can hire it for £10 per day! Nao looks great in all scarves for some reason...infuriating!!