scarf completion ceremony!

17 June 2009


At last I finished the linen, silk, cashmere scarf project that I start quite a few posts back!

I was so busy that it got forgotten a bit but now I'm back into weaving again.

The scarf finishing ceremony goes like this:

1. I squeal like a pig having its tail pulled in excitement as I remove the scarf from the loom.
2. We both stare at it going " wow, that could be £300 in a shop!"
3. Each take turns to try it on...
4. Decide that I might want to keep it for myself.
5. Then realise that it looks much better on Nao, so he ends up keeping it.
6. Take a hundred photos of it and put it on blog.
7. Have a tea (whilst still staring at it in amazment)

Well, let me know who suits it better (me, me, me, me, me).

I haven't as yet washed it, I made a mistake in the begining so I had a tester to wash, and it went nice and soft. I willl wash the scarf tonight (as my iron was at work yesterday). I find that, linen doesnt shrink but goes soft, silk doesnt seems to shrink but can go scruffy and cashmere goes fluffy and shrinks a tiny bit...hmmm!

I used a mixture of plain and twill pattern, herringbone and some others that I think I invented! The linen is white, the silk is pale grey and another silk which you cant see in the photos is navy blue, the cashmere is the dark beige one.

Anyway, here's many photos of it...

this is the cashmere in plain weave with 3 thin bands of twill to create stripes

the very top one is the super shiney pure silk, its quite a bit thicker than the cashmere

the white here is the linen, I did it in plain weave and stripes of twill but its so wobbley it hard to see! I quite like it though, the linen is really stiff as its straight from the mill.

This is the silk again, I did 3 rows of plain and one row of just the first heddle and repeated. Because the linen is so rigid and the silk is so soft...they made this pattern together! From a distance it looks like knitting!

I weaved some bands of twill in the silk for more stripes!

I don't know if this has a name, but I like the look of linen tassles when they are knotted like this, it looks more summery I think.
UPDATE: After washing and ironing, it turned out much softer. the cashmere only shrank a tiny bit, not really noticable especially after a steam iron! In fact the combination of linen and cashmere is really nice and I will definately use it again! Recommended!

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