4 June 2009

amazing birds

I couldn't believe my luck when I spied these little fellows it the market, stuffed into a plastic take-away box! (there are more of them than these ones) What a find, I love them! they look very old but I will have to do a bit more research on them as they are very curious I think? I am considering what to put on my new online 'Etsy' vintage shop, and these maybe turning up on there! I'm going to start photographing for the shop this weekend, its a lot of job though!
I found some other amazing goodies today...I'll post them up later...so exciting!!! (junkaholics beware)


  1. How very cute! =D

  2. Oh oh oh. These just made my heart lurch. I LOVE them! Im in a bird obessesion recently (isnt everyone?) and been bloggin about my bird neriness! this would be the cherry on the cake

    Yes yes yes put them in your shop! I hope I can buy some!

  3. (That was supposed to say nerdiness!)

  4. These are adorable!

  5. yay for birds ! ...I myself cannot get enough of them at the moment , they are my new muse .
    I think that these birdeens ( the ..eens bit means small as in small birds ,how we would say it in Ireland) they maybe from a noahs ark toy. I got a few pairs in paris , a little similar , plaster and metal non ? niceeeeee blog !