30 May 2009

which basket?

I have got quite a growing amount of vintage junk stuffed into every crevice of our flat. I also get blamed that even though I have a lot of nice vintage things, I never use them, (harsh words I feel).
So, this morning, after being accused that my daily bag I use is ugly, I decided to route through my collection of summery baskets and pick one out to mend and use.

I like these Welsh tapestry purses, but which one? I like them all, this is one of my major problems!

I decided to go for this combination today, I found them all in the market, but the Gladstone style basket I found at Kempton Park market for £12 so its the most expensive of the bunch. I think it might be from 1920s or 30s, I had to mend the handle, but now its ready to use...my new smart look!


  1. I like your new combination lots. But I like all your bags and purses lots too! You'll have to have some sort of rotating system! Hope you're enjoying the sunshine.

  2. very smart indeed.

    i need a new summer purse bag combo, i'm using that RLNI bag that you commented on at the mo, but i like to rock a basket in the summer if poss...

    it'd be fun to go thrifting with you!

  3. I like the bags, but those tapestry purses are spectacular!

  4. Wow what an amazing collection! I am now going to dig a different bag out of the back of the wardrobe.