sunday junking

31 May 2009

Even more junk to find a space for. Today on this toasty sunday, I ventured into the unknown, SW London, or Battersea to be precise. I had heard of a car boot sale somewhere around there, so I got off my bum and went and had a look. I found this blanket for 3 quids...

This bag for 10p.

These shears for £1.

Cheese grater 10p & a cotton collar 50p.

Aprons, table cloths, sheets and such like, all 10p each, and a gentleman's shirt for you know who, just £3!
So, including train fare £2.80 and entrance fee £3, it all worked out rather economical...there was a load of sh** to sort through though, and I turned a nice shade of fushia under the beating sun!
Ahhh how I love to go junking!

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