31 May 2009

sunday junking

Even more junk to find a space for. Today on this toasty sunday, I ventured into the unknown, SW London, or Battersea to be precise. I had heard of a car boot sale somewhere around there, so I got off my bum and went and had a look. I found this blanket for 3 quids...

This bag for 10p.

These shears for £1.

Cheese grater 10p & a cotton collar 50p.

Aprons, table cloths, sheets and such like, all 10p each, and a gentleman's shirt for you know who, just £3!
So, including train fare £2.80 and entrance fee £3, it all worked out rather economical...there was a load of sh** to sort through though, and I turned a nice shade of fushia under the beating sun!
Ahhh how I love to go junking!


  1. That's a very successful haul! I try going there about once a month, it's very hit and miss I think - but sounds like you got lucky.

  2. Oooh - those shears - lovely! I have a slightly strange fixation on old gardening tools... particularly strange as I only have a roof terrace at the mo.

  3. good finds! lovely! well done dear!

    have you seen what i found?! it was an epic and successful day yesterday!

  4. great stash,I've never been to battersea but sounds fruitful! WHy don't they have boot sales every day of the week.Then I would be happy!

  5. Good finding! That bag is beautiful! I have handles like that, I may try to make one.

    Your blog makes me smile!

  6. they're great finds. i've been at battersea a couple of times in the last month selling my junk and it took every ounce of self restraint i had not to go looking at the other stalls. i can't quite believe i did it :)

  7. Ah, I love all of your finds!! I found a blanket just like this in Zurich at a thrift store but I didn't have room to pack it and bring it home.