16 May 2009

My first upholstered chair!

I have started making the warp for my next scarf today, but, I got a bit side-tracked and ended up spending the evening re-upholstering!
This chair is from my late Grandma...its a little shop chair (its a bit higher than normal, for sitting by the shop counter). Its been with me now for a few years, in this state, so finally I bought a book about uphostery. I didnt follow it though, I didnt have most of the proper materials!
Anyway, its covered with a tea towel, which my Gran had the same one in her kitchen. She had a great sense of humour too, so I think she would have loved it very much!

Well, this is how I did it...

The straps are pulled really tight and woven both ways, use tacks and hammer it all down tight!
Please note that, you're meant to use hessian tape not cotton tape, and linen scrim instead of an Ikea tea towel! The first covering is to keep the stuffing in place and get a smooth surface before the top cover goes on.


  1. That's great!!! I bet your grandmother would love it!!

    Congrats on re-upholstering a chair! That's awesome - and scary to me!!!


  2. i bow to your greater skill, i have been meaning to upholster a armchair and sofa (bought for £2 at auction!) for months. it looks beautiful. well done!

  3. Artemis,
    Lovely chair and job well done!

  4. This looks completely amazing. What a fantastic job you have done! I love the tea towel!

  5. Great job! The fabric is so fun and eyecatching too!

  6. The Kho's think you are the Kirstie Allsopp of SE London; except you're much more talented. You should have your own TV program called Artemis's Homemade Home! We love all your craft projects! J

  7. Hey! thanks for that, if only I had my own home to homemake!
    I'm not as braver a skip diver as Kirstie Allsop!!

  8. LOL skip diver, brilliant! No you're above that kind of thing, you're more of a market diver.
    When's Nao coming back? J

  9. It looks so great, and I LOVE that fabric and it looks so good in the bathroom (looks like it's in a bathroom anyway). I love a chair in a bathroom. I found your blog from Le Petit Oiseau. We're moving to London later this summer or fall. Maybe we could all go junking sometime together!