Completed blanket no.1

8 May 2009

HORRAH! I can't express how exciting it is to finish my first larger scale weaving! I'm so pleased in fact I could'nt stop taking photos of it, so apologies to must be sick of this project by now!

I learnt alot from this one, I had alot of nightmares too I don't even want to say, as they were stupid mistakes I made!

But, I did do alot of experimentations too, like using bolder small doses they really bring out the tones of the natural colours I think, which is good to know for the future.

I also used a different sequence when threading the heddles, so that I could try new patterns, I really like this blankety twill pattern and herringbone stripes mixed with plain weaving.
I used some silk in the blanket too, and its quite shiney, which gives a nice contrast with the wool when the light catches it. The whole piece turned out very light in weight and after washing and pressing, is really nice and soft aswell, I can't take it off!!

So, in conclusion...I make lots of things like jewellery, but I get the most feeling of satisfaction from weaving, how can weaving cloth be more exciting than gold rings? I'll keep wondering this....(whilst weaving!)

Yes, that's a very chuffed me in my blanket!
And for my next project...

...more silk!

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