8 May 2009

Completed blanket no.1

HORRAH! I can't express how exciting it is to finish my first larger scale weaving! I'm so pleased in fact I could'nt stop taking photos of it, so apologies to everyone...you must be sick of this project by now!

I learnt alot from this one, I had alot of nightmares too I don't even want to say, as they were stupid mistakes I made!

But, I did do alot of experimentations too, like using bolder colours...in small doses they really bring out the tones of the natural colours I think, which is good to know for the future.

I also used a different sequence when threading the heddles, so that I could try new patterns, I really like this blankety twill pattern and herringbone stripes mixed with plain weaving.
I used some silk in the blanket too, and its quite shiney, which gives a nice contrast with the wool when the light catches it. The whole piece turned out very light in weight and after washing and pressing, is really nice and soft aswell, I can't take it off!!

So, in conclusion...I make lots of things like jewellery, but I get the most feeling of satisfaction from weaving, how can weaving cloth be more exciting than gold rings? I'll keep wondering this....(whilst weaving!)

Yes, that's a very chuffed me in my blanket!
And for my next project...

...more silk!


  1. how very very very clever and adept you are! it's very beautiful. well done!

  2. This blanket is so traditional and yet you've given it the purple and the silk that make it something special, it's fun, I like it!

  3. This looks really great, congratulations!

  4. RA-BU-RI----!
    look at you!!
    well done!!!

  5. n - 'bout time you commented on my blog! glad you like it!

  6. Wonderful photos! Wonderful fabric! I love the way you have used color. Somehow it is at once subtle and striking.

  7. I re-read your post, and yes, it is the way you add in just the right amount of bold to the neutral colors.

  8. Artemis... I have actually been wondering a bit on the same line as you, and I think it is because your jewellery has a very fix timeframe and expectations whilst you are in complete control of your weaving....
    Great piece with the feather though .-)

  9. dogfeathers hit the nail on the head! spot on as usual ;0

  10. Congrats on your first blanket! It looks great!!

    I love how you're just plunging into weaving!!!


  11. oh, my goodness. i adore this blanket! you're so clever.
    my mum makes blankets on a weaving loom just like yours. but i still don't understand how it all works! :)