13 April 2009

Scarf No.7

Done! this is the cashmere scarf I have been working on this weekend.
Its really light and soft, it became much softer after washing as I think there was some natural oils in the yarn beforehand.

I love looking at what I've done so far! Still can't believe I'm weaving...2 months ago I wouldn't of had a clue about it! I get more and more ideas after each project so I think my new fascination with weaving is here to stay.
I want to make some other things as well as scarves, so I'm thinking bags, or cushions? Could be a maybe!


  1. The scarf is great, like all the others. I am sure you can weave all sorts of stuff, but perhaps you need a bigger loom? There's an award for you in my blog...

  2. You are doing amazingly well. You have a gift for designing that I admire.

  3. You are doing great!!! Another beautiful scarf!!

    One of my friends loves to weave bags....you can branch out into all kinds of different fibers then!!