23 April 2009

antique market

We went to Ardingley Antique market this week...and look what we found!
It needs some restoration, but I will enjoy it as a project.
I have another larger loom on its way on friday, can't wait!
This one cost just £10 so might aswell see what I can do with it!


  1. A new (to you) loom!! That's so great!! I love how you're just plunging right into weaving!!

    Can't wait to see what you'll do with them!!


  2. What luck! You deserve it. Your jewelry is beautiful, by the way, but it is your weaving that really interests me. Being a weaver myself......(grin!)

  3. thanks Peg! I agree with you about that! I'm much more interested in weaving now...I think about weaving when Im meant to be working!!!

  4. Artemis san..... if it helps you produce half as good stuff as the other one did... we are up for a treat ;-)