22 March 2009

Woven Scarf No.5

And...another one! I'm nackered...

I've been weaving for 5 weeks now...since I found a loom in the antiques market on Valentines Day.

This scarf is another birthday present, also for a man so I had to be carefull with the colours!

Its very much like the last scarf, but I used a dark grey for the warp instead.
There are a few more different patterns too that I discovered on the way! I hope he will like it! ;)

Again, I used shetland wool, from

They've been making wool yarns since 1798!

I had a bit of a laugh making a label for my scarf with even washing instructions! Its for my brother so I think he will see the funny side of it!

Well my next weaving project is to make light summer scarves, I'm thinking this will be very difficult on my prehistoric loom but I am willing to try until I can get a floor loom.
I have ordered some pure white Northern Irish linen...hope it works!

Untill then, thank you sheep!


  1. The scarf looks great, lucky brother, and I like your label: I guess not many textiles are Handwoven in England these days!

  2. Another gorgeous scarf!! I hope your brother takes good care of it!

    I love the way you've combined colors and textures in these scarves!!

    Weave on!


  3. What a great scarf. I'm sure he will love it!

  4. thank you everyone for your lovely comments!

  5. It's a pleasure to know you! And your scarf is... woo... a work of art. (that man is a luky one)...


  6. Thanks! It was for my brother and i think he liked it very much! :)