29 March 2009

Linen handwoven summer scarf No.6

But it's not finished yet though!!

I started work on the linen scarf project this week. Its my first time to weave with really fine thread. This linen, although strong when pulled (virtually unbreakable) it does not like any friction, it caused it to splay and small fibres come away from the sides.

The warp threads keep grouping together on the back beam! I think my loom is not designed for this kind of thread...

I also had a few other problems when I first began weaving with this, firstly I cut a warp thread by mistake! Nightmare! then all the tension went funny and I just couldn't re-adjust it on the loom, so I had to take off what I had done and start again!

In the end this was probably for the best, as I could give the sample a really hot wash and see what happens to the fibres.
The warp is 100% linen and the weft is about 60% linen and 40% silk.
After the wash, the linen became much softer and lighter, and although the weaving is more uneven (because there are bigger gaps between the warp & weft) I kind of like it!!

So today I have started again, but have a long way untill its finished! Cant wait to see how it turns out as a scarf.

I wanted to make something a bit different, and this looks a bit like Scottish Fair Isle but a summer version!
When you hold it up to the light it becomes almost transparent.

I'm really enjoying experimenting and it will be nice to make things for summer, not just woolly things.

Oh yes, and thank you so much Charlotte for the award! I shall have to give it a lot of thought as all my favourite blogs have already been awarded!
I love all your blogs because you are all doing such different and lovely things which is fascinating to see!


  1. Yay! I've been anxious to see how you got along with the fine linen. It can be really fiddly to work with, I hear.

    Linen is one (the only?) fiber that actually gets stronger when wet, so some folks find that it helps to slightly wet your warp while weaving it. Just be sure to take the tension off when you're not weaving if you do, 'cause as it dries and gets more fragile it could snap!

    Your scarf looks beautiful, as always. :)

  2. Thats great advice! I didnt know that about wet linen, I'll give it a try...thanks so much!

  3. The linen scarf looks good! Linen is a difficult fiber to have as warp. There are several moments that can cause warp threads to snap:
    1. Lack of humidity in the room. In the old days, people lived in humid, cold dwellings, nowadays the air in our flats is warm and dry. As Janet says, you can wet the warp, e. g. with a humid towel. Alternatively, you can dry clothes in the room you weave in, or put a bucket filled with water adjacent to the loom.
    2. If the weft draws in the selvedge threads, they probably will snap.
    3. Release new warp quite often. If you weave many centimeters at the time, the warp threads can snap at the heddles because the heddles "gnaw" at the warp.
    Good luck!

  4. Your scarf is really cool! I wish I could touch it to see how it feels!

    I'm glad some one else with more linen knowledge than I have chimed in with suggestions! I've only used it once as an experiment....but I just bought more....so more experiments will happen some day!

    Looking forward to your next linen scarf!! (or whatever you do next)


    PS: Is that a new picture at the top of your blog? It's lovely!

  5. Hallo
    You have a very nice blog. I love it. Beautiful scarf!

  6. Love your scarves! In case you haven't already found it, here's a link to a manual for Dryad table looms. http://www.cs.arizona.edu/patterns/weaving/monographs/dry_89.pdf

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  8. thats great Holly, thanks for that!