Handwoven Scarf No.3

11 March 2009

Finally I've started the weaving again! I have been collecting so many cones and balls of wool so that I can make as many things as possible!
This scarf is a birthday present, its narrower because it is for spring/summer, and i'm doing a plain weave for most of the scarf as it seems to be lighter than the herringbone pattern. I'm using pure silk and bamboo viscose. Its sort of champagne colour and mat black.
These are Rowan yarns from Liberty's in London, they are very expensive but sooo nice! That shop is great for getting ideas if you can afford to buy then its even better!
I have to finish this by saturday so as always, I put up the finished artical on my blog.

This is my ever growing collection of wools! I found ebay great for buying cheap bulk 4ply yarns and job lots...the cones are shetland wools so its nice to make 100% british scarves!
I also bought lots of vintage wool from Paris very cheaply, so I might have to involve France a bit in my nationalistic weavings ; )

This is 100% cashmere, handspun in Scotland. Its fairly expensive but I thought I could weave it with some mohair or merino wool to make it go further. Its so soft you can hardly feel it!!!

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