15 March 2009

hand woven scarf no.4

Another scarf!
I was making this scarf for me but when I finished it, it looked much better on Nao! So now he has three of my scarves! Well, it was his birthday yesterday so thats ok ; ) 

I took these pictures before washing it, it now looks more even on the sides (had to iron whilst damp) and the sheeps natural oils have washed out leaving the wool much softer and fluffier than in these photos...

My idea for this scarf was to use

traditional shetland wool in natural colours. I love Harris Tweed and these yarns remined me of that. I experimented with different twill patterns and plain weaving, and I also used a bit of leftover silk from the last scarf.
In the end it reminds me a bit of Fair Isle style?

As with everything I make, its by no means perfect, but Im happy with it, and thats the main thing isn't it! : )

My loom is a bit of pain in the bum! It's springs are rusty and not as stretchy as they should be, I have to lift up one or two heddles each time and they always get stuck together. The strings attached to the heddle keep snapping and the shed is not very easy to get the bobbin through.
Its exhausting! I do have an affection for it though, as its old and I rescued it from the market, but I am thinking to buy a larger floor loom, which has peddles to lift the heddles so I dont get tired as much, I hope! (does anyone know of a good type of small floor loom? That would be a great help as I will need to get a secondhand one, but I know nothing of makes and styles so I'd just be guessing!).

This scarf took me about 8 hours to make (not counting the numerous tea & dinner breaks of course!) if I had a faster loom then I could really start my cottage industry!

This is the front and below is taken from underneath.

This is the first time for weaving with finer thread, this is 4ply shetland wool and 2ply cashmere (which I used double in the end!). Its much lighter and airier (is that a word?) but it is harder to get an even finish.

Untill now I have been making the warp (making lots of strands of yarn all the same length to put on the loom) by hand and making a complete mess of it! They kept getting all tangled. I found these peg things, I know its not a proper warping frame, but they cost quite alot! These pegs are meant to be clamped to a table but I dont have any clamps, so I just weigh them down with kitchen weights which is not ideal! I'm always trying to cheat but I usual pay the price for it later!!

My weaving stuff is slowly taking over our tiny living room!


  1. Your scarf is beautiful! (Well, I guess it's not technically yours anymore since you gifted it!)

    I love the combination of colors and the combination of patterns.

    It reminds me a bit of Leigh's sweater somehow. I guess the colors and textures.

    I love my baby wolf floor loom - but I'm not sure how common they are in your neck of the woods. Plus, they tend to still cost a lot, even used because they're popular.

    Hopefully some one else will chime in with good used loom advice!!

    Love the scarf! (And my husband just walked in the door with Thai take-out so I have to comment and run!)


  2. Thanks for that! i love leigh's sweater, traditional style!

    i have seen a picture of a Baby Wolf loom, they look really nice, so I will look it up on the interent and see how much they cost...cant wait!

    Many thanks and hope you enjoyed your Thai take away, (my favourite!)

  3. Lovely scarf!

    As for used looms, in the States, at least, one good resource is the Weavers' and Spinners' Housecleaning Pages (kbbspin.org, IIRC) - you might want to poke around to see if anybody has posted to it from the UK - or at least to get an idea of how much you should be paying for a second-hand loom.

    Maybe if you post to the Yahoo Weaving group, somebody could help you find a similar list closer to you? (I weave on a Harrisville 4-shaft and a LeClerc Colonial 12-shaft and enjoy them both - probably like how the LeClerc weaves a bit better, but tying up the treadles is easier on the Harrisville. Lots of weavers in my Guild swear by their Macomber looms.) That's an idea, too - do you have a local weaving guild? They often have a list of looms for sale.

  4. This scarf looks fantastic, I really like the colors and the patterns! As for small floor looms, I don't have any advice to share, but I know that Glimåkra (Sweden), Louet (Belgium) nad Toika (Finland) manufacture small floor looms.

  5. Thanks everyone for your help and nice comments!
    I will start researching those loom brands you gave me straight away!
    happy spring :)

  6. Love your scarf, but I love your tiny little loom even more! I've never seen one like it; although it does sound awfully fiddly to weave on it's just too cute for words.

  7. Ha ha! yes it is very cute but a bit of a nightmare to use as you say...want to get a nice floor loom soon!