12 March 2009

Finished woven scarf no.3

And here is the finished product! This one was more difficult than the first one for some strange reason?

I'm really enjoying making things and putting them on my blog...I'm sure its not that interesting to other people but its like having my own small digital exhibition! I think to myeslf 'I did that!' and I get some small sense of wellbeing. I think its the same for most people who make things, to make an object out of just string or whatever, its like magic!!

I know I'm gonna be one of those mad old ladies that knit for England! (Oi, dont say I already am!!)


  1. Nice scarf!!!

    I love looking at what everyone is making and posting on their blogs! (And I'm not the only one I'm sure!!)

    I especially like that band of pattern in the scarf!!

    Stay warm!

  2. I am with you Sue! It is magical scarf and it is a real pleasure for me to look at things you are making Artemis! Also your blog inspires me to be creative and enjoy my life and things around me more - you may not believe that, but that's true - so please keep going - because it is just great! Kasia xxxx

  3. AAh such nice comments, its because of getting lovely feedback, that encourages me to do more! so its a bit of a circle then!?
    I think we all need this kind of encouragement to do the things we really want, instead of what we have to do everyday. I feel more alive when Im making things for no other reason than my own satisfaction, I cant stop weaving, last thing a night, first thing in the morning, its hilarious!!!

  4. This sacrf is lovely! And I enjoy so much to read your blog! To me weaving has been a quite lonely occupation. I make stuff and then I put it away in a drawer, waiting for an occasion to give it away as gift or I try to sell it at the next market, which can be months away. So it is very inspiring for me to see what other people do, and to show off my stuff in my blog. And I have stopped to feel like a lonely weaver...

  5. Thats whats great about the internet i think! Not many people do weaving in UK (knitting is much more popular).
    I havent heard of any weavers here in fact! But its so good to be able to see others projects and learn from them and get feedback, from even otherside of the world!

    ...its good to hear you are not a lonely weaver any more!!!