Finding Junk!!

11 March 2009

In a Paris flea market I found these dresses (or slips). I think the are 1930/40s. I was so happy to find them in a box full of old table cloths. The dealer seemed not too bothered about them as he was asking 3 euros each (i did a bit of bargaining and got one for free!!!) so thats about £1.80 each. I think the middle one is silk satin, they are all handmade and are just my size. Bargins like this make me addicted to markets, if I want to I could also sell them and make a little profit for buying more junk in the market! perfection ; )

A couple of times a year there is a big Antiques Fair in West Sussex (I think!). Its a little way out of London in the south and you can find many dealers from France and UK there, selling all manner of junk and antique treasures. They arrive from the continent in huge trucks and just open up the sides and start trading...

I found this Victorian mourning jacket (it was fashionable to wear black when someone died, like Queen Victoria when her husband Prince Albert died), it in very good condition apart from a few holes on the back, and fits me perfectly! it is boned inside with jet beading and a very old style of sequins!

As I do quite a bit of sewing and stuff...I prefer to use old threads and things as I think they look nicer than modern ones! Nao bought me these small drawers to keep them in, it looks Japanese? With plum blossoms and gold birds painted onto it.

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