20 February 2009

Weaving project no.2

I've been experimenting with different patterns and yarns...as below.
Here is the result! I got some interesting textures going on!


  1. Wow - you're doing great!! Are you sure you haven't woven before??

    A few posts back you asked about a book....Learning to Weave by Deborah Chandler has really good descriptions & pictures of how to dress the loom, and then teaches you a really solid weaving foundation.

    But you're doing great already!!!


  2. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for your positive words!
    I think I might have done some weaving on a bit of cardboard at primary school, I remembered that It was good fun!

    I will try and find that book, it sounds like exactly what I need!
    Having a lot of trouble dressing the loom and working out how much thread I need to buy!

    I picked up bits of information from internet but now Im a bit stuck!!

    many thanks,

  3. Great scarf and just as wonderful weaving. I didn't take pictures of my first couple of projects. Sure weren't as good as yours. Keep it up.

  4. thanks very much! but there are many mistakes if you see it in real life ; )

    bspinner & Life Looms Large: your blogs have helped me so much, its great to see other peoples projects, makes me feel very inpsired to carry on weaving!

    Ive ordered the book suggested, it arrives tommorrow, excited!!