project: weaving a scarf!

16 February 2009

Here is my loom, we (boyfriend and I) bought it in an antiques market in London for £30! 

I found out later that it is a 'Dryad 4 shaft table loom' made in good old Leicester no less!

I havent got a clue about weaving but its a lovely looking object. However I am always determined to get old things working again and this is no exception.

The first photo shows my first practice using the thread that was already set-up in the loom.

I then took my first commission...a scarf for my other half! 

I couldnt find out much information on the web about re-threading the loom, so I decided to cheat by knotting the new threads onto the old ones and pulling them through the heddles (i think thats what they're called?) see photo 2. 

A VERY time consuming exercise even with cheating, but very pleased I managed to do it.

After threading the new 'Warp' threads I can now start winding up the 'Weft' thread onto a bobbin thing (or shuttle) I used pure linen (dark grey) and silk (pale grey) for the weft thread.
It is the weft thread that creates the pattern, running horizontally.

The 4 heddles (or shafts) lift up either individually or sequentially in groups to form the patterns (the threads are running through the wires on the heddles).

The shuttle runs between the gap or 'shed' between the two layers of threads and then pushed into place using the 'reed' which you can see at the top of the next photo...

Now I'm rolling! Starting to look like a scarf, my boyfiend chose the yarns and pattern, which I think has a bit of classic herringbone look about it?
As you can see, the other side of the scarf is in reversed colours which is pretty cool!

I havent finished it yet, but I got this far in one day, with no prior knowledge so if anyone's thinking of doing some weaving too, then i say go ahead!! just need a lot of patience and a cool head!

I am addicted... I shall post up my latest creations on my blog, and if anyone has any advice for a beginner weaver then please please let me know! ; ) I will be very greatful for some experienced help and suggestions!

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